Frequently Asked Questions



We know it can be a bit daunting to organise a party for everyone - we also know that you will have some questions! We have put together a few of the questions we are asked all the time - just to help you out..!

Booking and Payment...

How Do We Pay for A Night at Bistro Live..?
Bistro Live is a pre-book and pre-pay venue. Usually, there are 2 stages to this:
1)  Deposit - this is £15.00 per person for all nights, and is usually paid at time of booking.

2)  Balance and Pre-Order - this is paid 2 weeks prior to the date of your party (1st November for Xmas parties).

Do You Do Group Discounts...?
Bistro Live is a groups business - we only cater for group of people, so the prices you see are for groups

What Are Your Office Hours?
Our booking office hours are Monday - Friday 9am to 6pm, and Saturdays from 12 midday to 4pm.

Our restaurant is open for ‘in person’ payments Monday - Friday 12 midday to 6pm and Saturdays 12 midday to 4pm.

Can We Pay on The Door on the night?
We ask all of our customers to pay in advance. This way, we know exactly how many people are booked in each night, and can cater accordingly.

How Do I Make Payment for My Booking?
Payment can be made in several ways:-

  1. In person by good old-fashioned cash
  2. Send a cheque made out to Bistro Live Ltd
  3. By card: MasterCard, Visa, Switch/Maestro
  4. By far the easiest option is for you to book and pay online.  Our unique system means that you can pay for your own place only, then an email link will go to all of your friends who can pay for their own place.  How cool is that...?

Dress Code

What is the DRESS CODE at Bistro Live..?
Our dress code is smart casual. We do not allow 'scruffy' jeans or trainers.

Can we wear FANCY DRESS..?
We often have theme nights, so yes, fancy dress is OK


Opening/Closing Times

What Time Do You Open..?
We open our doors at 7.00pm, and ask everyone to arrive by no later than 7.30pm.

What Time Do You Close..?
Our normal closing times are 12.00 midnight on weekdays, and 1.00am on Fridays and Saturdays.  At Christmas, we open until 12.30am Sunday to Wednesday, and until 1.00am on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

What Time are Last Orders?
Last orders are typically 20 minutes before we close.

What Time Should We Book A Taxi For?
Taxis should be booked for approximately 15-20 minutes after the end of the night.

What Happens If People Arrive Late?
As we cater for large numbers, we have to be strict, so that late arrivals do not spoil the timings for everyone! If members of your party arrive late, it may be that they miss part of the meal.

Can People Join Us After the Meal, If They Don't Want to Eat..?
This can be done by prior arrangement only, and the people have to pay £10.00 per person, and have to be booked in advance.

Do We Need Tickets To Get In?
No. All you have to do is quote the name of the Organiser of your party, or the Company name when you arrive.


Do We Have to Order Our Food in Advance..?
No - all of our food is freshly cooked to order on the premises, so there is no need to get everyone in your party to order it in advance.

Do We Have To Pre-Order Drinks in Advance..?
YES. We prefer it if all parties pre-order their first round of drinks in advance. WHY? Well, at the start of the evening, you can imagine, there is an enormous pressure on the bar, with 275 -325 people all arriving at once. Pre-ordering means that you WILL NOT HAVE TO WAIT - your drinks will be on the table waiting for you, SO, you can start partying straight away.......

Seating Arrangements

Will We All Be Seated Together..?
YES. All parties will be seated together.

Will We Be On One Table..?
In an ideal world, yes, but in reality, this depends on such factors as the size of your party, and of other parties booked in on the same night as you. We will always try to accommodate your wishes; just give us a call so that we can talk through your requirements.

Can I Decorate My Table..?
We have an option that you can get your table decorated for whatever occasion you are celebrating from just £2.00 per person. However, if you would like to supplement this with your own decorations, then please feel free to do so. All we ask is that this is done during the day, when we are setting up the restaurant from 2pm onwards - we can even blow up any balloons for you with helium for you!

Food Questions

What Type of Food Do You Offer?
Why not have a look at the OUR FOOD section of our website for a selection of the food that we offer.

Do You Offer Vegetarian / Vegan / Gluten Free Options..?
YES. We will also cater for people with other dietary requirements. Our experienced team of chefs will work with you to create a dish that is suitable for you, to your specification. HOWEVER, this can only be done with sufficient prior notice - individual requests CANNOT be catered for on the night!


What Type of Music Do You Play...?
Most of our DJ’s and bands play a variety of music that caters for all tastes, and all age ranges, although we do have specialist bands, that focus more on the 70's for example.

How Long Do The Bands Play For...?
The band usually plays for approximately an hour or so....many of our bands will also play an 'acoustic set' of 20 minutes during your meal - just a few 'quieter' songs to get your 'toes tapping'.

What Happens After the Band..?
We have a DJ, who plays 'party' music until the end of the night......

Can I bring a stripper to my hen party?
No alternative entertainment to that booked by Bistro Live is permitted at the venue, as this may cause offence to other customers.

Do You Have Strobe Lights..?
99% of our bands DO NOT have strobe lighting, but it is probably best to check in advance if you are affected by this.

Age Questions

Can Under 18's Come In...?
NO. Our policy is over 18's only.
Anyone who looks under 18 will be asked to provide proof of age, and if they cannot provide this, will not be able to drink alcohol, and may be asked to leave.

I'm 55 - is Bistro Live Too 'Young' For Me..?
Absolutely not!!

The age profile of parties at Bistro Live is typically 25-55 years - older than that of a 'normal' venue. We cater for people of all ages - we recently had a 75th birthday party here!


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